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VIDEO: The Sites of Athens, Greece

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David’s Been Here is vacationing among the planet’s most iconic and significant sites: Historical Athens. Destroyed and rebuilt numerous times, this historical metropolis is so extensive that archaeologists might never be able to recover all its ruins. You will find, however, several  structures standing now that simply has to be experienced by all vacationers visiting the ….  Read More

Very best Fish to Eat

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I have been road-tripping throughout Galicia for about a week now and I must admit that even after all I learned about the seafood here, there have been several pleasant surprises on the way. Galicia is Spain’s area and features miles of pristine shoreline. The chilly Atlantic waters round Galicia are renown. 1. Mejillones (Mussels) ….  Read More

How to Keep Your Skin Looking Fresh After Flying Long Haul and Healthy

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Whether you are seated in first class or market, plane traveling may wreak havoc on your skin. The combined effects of in-flight air conditioning along with jetlag when you soil makes your skin dry, irritated and profoundly dried (and yet somehow, also, puffy). So what’s the best method arrive at your destination looking your best ….  Read More