VIDEO: A Day Visit into Knjazevac’s Jovic Winery

David’s Been Here is currently travel through Serbia is hunt of the top destinations of the country. David brings us into the small, picturesque town of Knjazevac, situated right between Felix along with Nis Romuliana. Known as the top wine-producing area in All Southern Serbia, David takes a distinctive tour on the outskirts of Knjazevac into Jovic Winery. Among the wineries in the area, watch along as samples and David tours a few fantastic Riesling, Chardonnay and even an 18-year-old private Cognac. Jovic Winery’s proprietors are extremely friendly and so in the event it is made by you don’t miss out on this memorable experience. Knjazevac’s town itself is the trip, so if you love going on wine tours and all things revolving about wine, a day visit here is essential!

VIDEO: A Day Visit into Knjazevac

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