VIDEO Bulgaria

In this event, David’s Been Here investigates what do and things to see among the towns along Bulgaria’s Black Sea shore, in Varna.

VIDEO Bulgaria

David begins at the Archaeological Museum of Varna, which retains an exquisite collection of artifacts. Among all the objects held here is the uncovered golden treasure in the world. David shows us that the horns of the Thracian man that was found alongside his golden treasure, dating back to 5,000 B.C.

The man and gold were found within an ancient necropolis from the industrial zone of Varna. Archaeologists believe the man was about 45-50 years old when he expired.

VIDEO Bulgaria

Continuing with town, David’s background tour makes a stop. These would be the Roman Baths in Europe! The bath complex still has lots of the rooms. Another area are the shops, which are located just outside the bath complex.

Next stop is that the Varna Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in Bulgaria, dating back to 1886 (pre-dates that the Sofia Cathedral). It is the Cathedral on the Black Sea shore. Indoors, David shows us a few of those hands crafted icons and scenes from Jesus’ life. Inside, the priest of the church gives us a bit info concerning the background of the Cathedral.

After sightseeing, David works up an appetite. He heads to find a bite of corn sprinkled. For only 3 leva you can also enjoy this yummy snack.

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