The Websites To Understand About Whisky from Around the World

Whisky is a spirit with a long history.  It even has its own distinct vocabulary, including unusual terms such as Dram, Draff, and Kilning.  A while can be taken by learning of the whisky understand the flavours found in whisky and related terminology.

Luckily, there are plenty of online resources that will help you learn more.  These sites and forums are going to teach you the way to drink whisky correctly, what words such as “Draff” really mean, and that flavours that whiskies from various regions usually comprise.  We’ve assembled a few of the finest resources in this article, so you can learn more about this yummy spirit. Forums

The Websites To Understand About Whisky from Around the World

The forums are a superb source for everyone interested in knowing more about whisky.  There are three subforms:

Whiskey Bon

Whiskey Bon is among the top whisky review sites online.  It reviews dozens of Scotch, Bourbon, Japanese, and Rye whiskies from distilleries such as Glenfiddich, Four Roses, Glen Keith, Jack Daniels, and Macallan.  Each inspection lists the technical details of the whisky (ABV, Distillery, Age, Release), the nose, and the taste, and also the end.  The info will be presented in a format that whisky novices can understand.

The blog section contains helpful info regarding the history of whisky to taste more, and whisky.  The posts may give excellent background understanding of the procedures used to make that distilleries are producing the whiskies and whisky to you.

The Scotch Whisky Experience

The Scotch Whisky Experience Is Now a tourist attraction located at the top of the Royal Mile of Edinburgh. 

They provide personal whisky tastings, whisky training, and online whisky sales.  They even have one of the whisky collections in the world.

The firm’s site is packed with information for example, history of whisky terminology, and also whisky whisky is made, about everything related to whisky.

Whisky Whisky Whisky Forums

This is one of the more busy online forums for whisky drinkers.  It has over 160,000 whisky linked articles.  The articles include discussions about whisky occasions , tasting notes, distilleries, whisky travel advice, and a lot more.

The Websites To Understand About Whisky from Around the World

There are some forums discussing whine, beer, and cigars.

Whiskey For Everyone

The Websites To Understand About Whisky from Around the World

Whiskey is the brainchild of Karen Taylor and Matt Chambers. 

The Websites To Understand About Whisky from Around the World

They are a married couple using a shared enthusiasm for whisky.  This site was established by them with the goal of helping whisky drinkers learn more about the history of the whiskey distilleries , tasting whisky and whisky in 2008.

Don’t forget to check out JetSet LifeStyle Blog!

The website has an excellent Whisky Basics section which has a massive amount of info on the factors and a whisky term glossary.

Whisky Advocate Blog

Whisky Advocate is among the biggest American whisky magazines.  Their website is a wonderful source of information, especially for learning about new whisky releases and also to taste whisky.

The Whisky Reddit

The Websites To Understand About Whisky from Around the World

Reddit is among the biggest social media sites on earth.  Users can submit all sorts of whisky related content including news posts, testimonials, questions, and product announcements.

The post is then upvoted or downvote by customers, dependent on entertaining or how useful it is.  You can find out a great deal about whisky by employing this reddit by asking questions of whisky drinkers that are more experienced.

The Whisky Barrel Blog

The Whisky Barrel is just one of the biggest retailers of Scotland of whisky.  They have created a site which articles around whisky news, distillery visits, and also fresh whisky releases.  It is a wonderful resource for distinguishing.

Whisky Facebook Groups

You will find quite a few Facebook groups.  Some of the best include: