Celebrity Travel Addicts: Yvonne Reichert of Lovely For Living

For Living, we Talked with the blogger Yvonne Reichert and world Traveller Supporting Beautiful in this Variant of Celebrity Travel Addicts!

We surfaced in a range of topics including what it’s like to reside in Germany her enthusiasm for sustainable and green living, plus more. Learn more about her journeys around the globe and discover where she’s going next!

How did your passion for travel get started?

I’ve always been passionate and very curious about seeing the whole world. When I was 14, I really did my first trip having a buddy to the USA. Once I was 15, I determined that I wanted to do an exchange year at New Zealand and after living there for a year, my enthusiasm for travel became an essential part of my nature and life.

Just how many days/weeks are you travel in any given year? What are the kinds of places you like to go to?

When I get the opportunity to, I always travel. Different places and countries reside in , therefore to be able to see them, I already need to travel. Back in 2018 and 2017, I moved traveling the world for a travel blogger exploring more of Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia. Now with a fulltime job, I have traveled to Brazil in February for a few months and do micro-adventures about every second weekend. To me, traveling means being inquisitive about the world and I also get just as excited as I do with other places and countries, to explore my backyard.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Yvonne Reichert of Lovely For Living

You’re currently living in Frankfort, Germany.

Why is Frankfort, or even Germany Generally, such a fantastic travel destination? When they visit, what should individuals do?

Frankfurt is among those cities that many individuals go to a transit, but it has so many sides to it, it is multicultural and has lots of background. Thus, when going to Frankfurt, there’s 3 things I would recommend: 1) Don’t pick lodging near the major train station. It’s still somewhat dodgy rather than a location, Although this part of town is getting better. Because there’s great public transport you may reach the train station readily from anywhere in the city. 2) Don’t do the mistake and just remain in the city centre, there’s much more to watch such as the old Opera House, acquiring a stroll across the Main, heading up the Dome for a fantastic view or even doing a day excursion to the beautiful Taunus area. 3) And also not to forget: you have to try Frankfurt’s famous green sauce! Germany is an amazing travel destination, with great public transport, excellent food, beautiful character, a great deal of culture, excellent bread + beer also has more to offer than Berlin.

You recently spent a while living. What did you learn or gain from living there? What should people know about New Zealand that they might not expect?

When I was 16 I lived in New Zealand for a year and I returned last year to remain somewhat further. New Zealand is renowned for its hospitality and its breathtaking landscape. Kiwis are extremely friendly and open minded, but you might also tell that they are far away from”the rest of the world”. In Europe, we are very utilised to get accessibility to any food all year around we enjoy public transport or being able to travel fast to some other country and culture. In New Zealand, there’s many people that have never visited a country or experienced another culture from abroad. It makes you realize we are to reside so close to travel destinations that are brand new.

In addition to travel, you passionate about green living. What exactly is alive that is green? Can you talk about some advice on how we can all lead a life that is greener?

My mother has raised me to be aware of my surroundings and about food and resources are. The older I get, the longer my consciousness grew about our obligation to live a more healthy lifestyle and I heard more about the of any aspect in life. In my opinion, I think it is essential to try to be conscious that everything we do, has an impact. We, as a collective, also also as a individual, will make a difference also to keep it lovely and to preserve our fragile ground. Whenever it’s a distance up to 5 hours to the train/bus, ” I don’t fly. But I am sitting on a 9 hour train journey. I always try to emission my flights, but naturally there’s so much more we all can do, starting by bringing your own bag, use a cup and try to be more conscious about each thing in life.

What do you want viewers learn and to profit from the job?

I have an extremely positive mindset and I want my viewers to really feel alive, to be inquisitive, to see the beauty in the little things, wanting to learn and see more, to overcome little fears and also to realize that the significance of travelling is not a number in your bucketlist, but causes you to leave your comfort zone, which makes you develop as a individual and constantly brings significance to your own life. I had to work hard for my life expenses and never had much cash and journeys since I studied for many years. But making journey a priority, saving up money for the excursion is not so challenging. The biggest step is to simply do it. It might sound like a cliche, although not waiting for matters to figuring out itself or for tomorrow, it is ideal to simply go out and simply start and get it done.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Yvonne Reichert of Lovely For Living

What are the top 3 destinations you’ve visited?

New Zealand is simply magnificent and because it holds a place that is dear in my heart. I really like the diversity of the driveway for life people, the nature and Brazil have overthere. Another country I really liked, was Iceland. Its character is demanding, but unbelievable and people are friendly.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Yvonne Reichert of Lovely For Living

Give us your’Top 5′ record for one of the best 3 destinations. Like a to-do list of types or a mini-guide. It may be anything in your favorite hotel, best spot to get lunch, best holiday, etc..

NZ: Adore the vegan burgers Breakers Bay just out of Wellington is stunning, I love the area of Hawke’s Bay, Waikaremoana, Nelson Lakes and Milford Sound.

Try and learn more about the Maori culture.

How many nations have you visited up to now?

Brazil: Absolutely adore you def got some Acai try, Lagoinha do Leste at Florianopolis, Foz do Iguazu is really magnificent and the little paradise called the Nationalpark of Chapada Diamantina, Ilha Grande. One of my fave things to do was learning Samba in Rio de Janeiro. Iceland: Iceland is simply beautiful where you move, but I enjoyed the beach at the glacier lake Jökulsárlón, Akureyri from the North and Stokksness, the famous Skogafoss, the natural hot pools you can find around the country.

What are the top 3 favorite perfumes?

I don’t even know, because I don’t think that it’s important In all honesty. I can let you know, that I’ve made millions memories.

What is your favorite restaurant on the planet? What dish would you recommend there?

I truly liked the food from Asia, especially in Vietnam and Indonesia, and its many unique varieties. Also really like the Portuguese and Italian kitchen.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Yvonne Reichert of Lovely For Living

What is your favorite travel movie?

I just came back from a trip to Amsterdam and me and my friends hat dinner at”De Plantage” — a stunning restaurant which resembles a winter lawn near the botanical gardens. Any dish we had was delicious! Big fat urge!

What is your favourite airport?

I like the life of Walter Mitty.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Yvonne Reichert of Lovely For Living

I enjoy the photographic scenes of creating life an adventure, and his way. Needless to say, I also like watching the western landscape, making you want to go on your adventure immediately.

Which city had the most friendly people?

To me, airports mostly look exactly the same, but Singapore airport had many features as at a movie theater, an indoor lake or a pool.

Who’s your favorite travel companion?

When thinking about a town or country that really surprised me,” was Cambodia. There was always a genuine smile on their faces and everyone and people are poor, although the country has such a gloomy background.

What is the best way to kill time while traveling?

I would say myself;–RRB-. Just kidding, I love solo Backpacking and meeting lots of people that become your friends, I also love sharing the memories and travel with mother or my friends, who I just as enthused about everything.

What is the most exotic location you have been taken by your career?

Read a book that is good. I have a book with me whenever I travel. I used to read loooads when I was younger and feel as if it’s something I miss the most in my daily routine. Also, I largely use waiting around at the airport by simply editing photos or writing down some notes for new blog posts.

What is your bit?

I truly enjoyed places using its horizons, amazing landscape and the Ningaloo Reef. Also among the most special trips I ever did was a trip up at the North of Sweden, to Lapland! Seeing the Northern lights dance in the skies was a memory I won’t ever forget.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Yvonne Reichert of Lovely For Living

What are without?

Don’t be scared, there’s always a remedy for all. So get out of your comfort zone, then go for it and make the best of this.

What is your ultimate dream destination?

My camera a pillow for my water bottle and your neck.

What is your favorite travel quote?

Always wanted to go to Greenland, Antarctica or St Lucia at the Carribbean, Peru — South America Generally.

Mongolia need to visit Rarotonga, Scotland and Montenegro and is high on the record.

Where are you headed?

“The purpose of existence , after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Yvonne Reichert of Lovely For Living


I am doing lots of grab ups along with my friends from Germany and Europe since I had been traveling for quite a while over the previous two years. I just came back in Amsterdam (I’ve never been before, even though it’s just about 4 hours out of Frankfurt!) And in July I visit Austria for just a break from the hills.

I am passionate about life Yvonne and travel the world. I traveled around the world for two years, largely exploring Asia, Australia and New Zealand, before starting a complete time job naturally — in Frankfurt from the travel market. But I use weekend and every chance to explore more. There is always a way.

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