VIDEO: Klaserie Nature Reserve, nThambo Tree Camp

In this Event, David explores the nThambo Tree Camp in the Klaserie Private Nature Reserve, an area situated in the heart of the Kruger National Park.

The location provides Big Five safaris and walking safaris, offering guests the chance to admire zebras, giraffes, hippos and many different birds.

By embracing nThambo Tree Camp’s 5 upscale tree Tours which let guests remain in the middle of wild nature, david begins. This is the reason the reason guests aren’t allowed to walk the reasons alone at night (sounds frightening, but it’s really not!)

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Guests can listen to hyena, leopard, elephant, and lion, by being in the center of the wilderness. David sits down with ranger Matt Roberts to talk about what individuals can expect from this camp.

VIDEO: Klaserie Nature Reserve, nThambo Tree Camp

The camp’s small size permits at one time, making it a really personal and intimate experience for guests. There is A typical day comfy. The day begins in AM with an early morning game drive to take a look at a number of the local wildlife like giraffe, hyena, lion, and elephant. For a home-cooked breakfast, guests return after about 2-3 hours back at the camp.

Then you will have the option for a hike get some clean air and to see some of the park inhabitants that are smaller. Or you might take the opportunity to curl up with a book, have a dip in the pool, or indulge in complete comfort. After a delicious lunch, guests are chosen on afternoon game drives for another 2-3 hours. The best creature sightings are through late afternoon or early morning. Keep a look out in the video for a leopard sighting that is rare!

VIDEO: Klaserie Nature Reserve, nThambo Tree Camp

NThambo Tree Camp prefers to have an open camp.  Their mission is to bring people closer to nature, which explains the reason the reason it isn’t a mere a”hotel in the bush,” but instead a method to have a true bush experience.

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