Four Castles You Have To See in Ireland

It’s impossible to speak about Ireland rather than mention its fantastic castles. Virtually every area of Ireland hides a castle and some legends and stories. Ireland is a fascinated land ruled by lush sceneries where ancient castles hide in various states of ruins. Check out the 4 castles rent a car and drive across Ireland’s realms in search for tales with knights and ladies. Here are!

Four Castles You Have To See in Ireland

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle is the castle in Ireland. The castle today you will admire dates from 1446, however, the website was the base for other two castles prior to this one. Although the castle dated in 1210 the first castle was first made out of wood and was built in the 10th century, and had a stone construction. The castle was made out of stone, and was set one of the warriors of Ireland, by Cormac MacCarthy.

Carrigaholt Castle

Kilbrittain Castle

However, the principal attraction of the website is not the castle itself but the Blarney Stone. The generally accepted one is the story which says that, if kissed, this stone has the capacity, although legends surround this stone.  The stone was built by Cormac Macarthy, therefore it’s quite a challenge.

Cahir Castle

It appears that Winston Churchill visited this landmark and then was able to convinced the USA and the entire world that joined that they can conquer Adolf Hitler, that John Fitzgerald Kennedy overly uttered this stone and then he became the first Roman Catholic of the USA, and the list can continue.

Dating from around 1480, the Carrigaholt Castle includes a past that may tell stories about battles and rebellions between Teigue McMahon and the Earl of Thomond, and tales about ships that stopped here on their way to Limerick.

The castle was built by the McMahons of All West Corca Baiscin as Well as in the 1600s, it became the Land of Their Clare Dragoons, That Have Been Direct by Daniel O’Brien the Earl of Thomond.

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Four Castles You Have To See in Ireland

Unfortunately, though this castle has confronted battles and attacks, it seems that there is one battle that it will lose: the battle with time and nature. The castle is in danger of becoming destroys because of the continuous erosion it suffers from tidal forces.

Four Castles You Have To See in Ireland

Constructed in 1035 by Cian Higher king of Ireland, the Kilbrittain Castle is the oldest castle in the Nation.

This castle was a house for many powerful families such as Stawell, De Courceys and the McCarthy.

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Four Castles You Have To See in Ireland

The castle is the land of the Cahill O’Brien family, who chose to open the castle for people and also enable them to spend here, today. Therefore, if you would like a setting for your holiday in Ireland novel a few nights in this castle hotels.

Even the Kilbrittain Castle is located 15 minutes from Kinsale, in West Cork’s middle, and 35 minutes from Cork Airport.

Cahir Castle is one of the biggest and best preserved medieval fortresses in Ireland. The tower and its shield structures date in 1142 and are still standing proud and defy the passage of years. This castle was once the stronghold of the Butler family, former Irish nobility, and today fascinates tourists together using small side chambers, spiral staircases and amazing views captured by your Cahir Tower. The castle is located on a rocky island of the River Suir in Tipperay County.

Four Castles You Have To See in Ireland

It is suggested a half an hour excursion prior to your arrival here and to dedicate 15 minutes of your time to see a movie that tells the narrative of this castle and, as a matter of fact, of all the Irish castles.

Four Castles You Have To See in Ireland

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