Mini Travel Guide to Manchester, England

Manchester, England is a good example. As restaurants, a buzzing civilization scene and brilliant buying opportunities, there’s also a host of different activities, festivals, and amazing areas to keep you occupied. We have gotten a lot of wonderful feedback for an article we recently published about the best five places to go to in the united kingdom outsides of London, so we decided to offer you details on five things you could perform in Manchester in the event you’re thinking of traveling to the United Kingdom.

Museum Trail has consistently encouraged travelers to research beyond the beaten path. London is a town unlike any other, however a trip to the”UK’s Northern Capital” is also a unique and immensely satisfying experience. Sites like Travelodge permit you to click on the respective attractions and highlights in towns across the united kingdom so it is easy to plan your journey by taking a look at the map of Manchester and visiting what sparks your curiosity and in which you can stay. Here are five reasons why to add bucket list that is Manchester to you.

Mini Travel Guide to Manchester, England

Get Sporty

Manchester boasts some wonderful museums, making it easy to inject education and just a little civilization . For those children, there is the Museum of Science and Industry; a wonderful venue, together with five buildings jam packed with everything from steam engines and planes, to exciting interactive exhibits.

Mini Travel Guide to Manchester, England

Go Shopping

Park Life

There is also That the MOSI, Manchester Museum (natural history), the Museum of Transport and the Imperial War Museum.


Manchester is well known for its sports landscape, and there’s plenty to keep sports fans of all ages. Old Trafford is of course a must for any Manchester United fans — or maybe you’re a town fan? Whatever your group, the National Football Museum makes for a thrilling day as the planet’s biggest and best.

Mini Travel Guide to Manchester, England

Manchester boasts shopping. Of all of them, the Arndale Theater is an excellent one-stop venue with over 240 shops. The House of Fraser Department Store is Manchester’s oldest department store, which contains several world-class fashion and beauty brands. You might also score fantastic finds at Marks and Spencer (used to be the larges M&S in the world). The very best portion of shopping here is that you’ll be in a position to perform tax-free when you leave England!

Mini Travel Guide to Manchester, England

Manchester boasts some serene and beautiful spaces that are great for exploring on a bright day, Regardless of being a town centre. Heaton Park is one of the very best, with rowing boats a brilliant park and a little animal farm. The Chester Zoo is also a wonderful idea for those.

Mini Travel Guide to Manchester, England

When it comes to dining, it is not all about London. In Manchester you can’t forget a stroll along Curry Mile, an 800-meter stretch of curry restaurants and shops which come to life. If it comes to dining out, you will be spoiled for choice. Among the town’s excellent eateries are all Grenache, Manchester House, along with Aumbry.

We hope this miniature guide to Manchester will allow you to explore this incredible city!

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