VIDEO SERIES World Travel Market 2012

This coming November I am led for the largest travel event in the Earth, World Travel Market to London. There’ll be from over 190 nations in attendance. There’ll be tour companies, tourism boards, airlines, hotel groups, restaurant and travel bloggers such as myself. It is the best opportunity to interact with countless people in the travel industry and to create connections for your long run.

My trip’s intention is to meet with tourism boards, hotel groups, airlines and travel bloggers. Each day , I have over a dozen appointments to talk about these companies with each about visiting. My intention is to line up another decade of my travels. Besides the appointments I have arranged, I will use my time between encounters introduce myself and to walk through the convention.

VIDEO SERIES World Travel Market 2012

I also have been invited to two events- a media event with Traveling Bloggers Unite and the Hostel Bookers Travel Bloggers awards. Both events will be filled!

Here Are a Few of my friends in the biz That I’m meeting up with: Marcello: Wandering Trader, David: GoBackpacking, Nellie: Wildjunket, Melvin: Travel Dudes, Ana: Mrs. O Around the World, and Gary: Everything Everywhere.

I thought it’d be a great idea to make a documentary-style video series on why World Travel Market is a MUST occasion for each travel industry professional. The videos will highlight my own preparations. The very first video I made is tagged”Why World Travel Market?” It explains the reasons why I am heading to a bit of info about myself and London to anyone who doesn’t know me already.

VIDEO SERIES World Travel Market 2012

The few videos will be about putting together my program for World Travel Market. It is easy: I want to awaken around 2:15 a.m. to get into the workplace by 3 a.m. so as to get in contact with all the Asia/Middle East/Africa and Europe tourism offices. For many nations in Asia, 3 Gamble Eastern Standard is just 3 p.m. their time.

About scheduling my days in the video , I take you on how to put this to my world. I  find that the hardest part is that several tourism boards don’t speak English, which makes it hard to set up meetings with a number of the nations.

As you see, I begin piecing the schedule. After a night of calling, I managed to schedule in WTM. Ever since then, I have completed more late night calls, that have been shown to succeed.

Here is the video of my midst of the night calling, which was a success!

What my schedule seems like right now (as of October 26th).

VIDEO SERIES World Travel Market 2012

I will be following up with tourism boards which have not yet reacted, and making a few more calls through the next 3 weeks.

There’ll be a few more videos about scheduling my encounters, and after that I invite you to follow along with me during my trip into London. I reserved my apartment with Wimdu, that saved me a chance in comparison to getting a hotel in this function. I will get travel bloggers and lots of tourism boards on camera why they’ve chosen to be in World Travel Market and to tell me a little about themselves. I would like the string to demonstrate travel professionals that this is the ideal occasion to attend to make contacts.

I will be submitting them to the blog article, as I make more of those videos. To get updates right away please subscribe to my Youtube Channel. I know this will be an occasion that affects my life forever and carries my business to a new direction for beyond and 2013.

Thank you for taking the time. Join me in my mission to conquer World Travel Market 2012!


VIDEO SERIES World Travel Market 2012