Top 3 Authentic Sandwiches in Miami

No trip to the Magic City is complete without Looking for the Cuban restaurants in Miami.

Without trying gelato do you visit Italy? Miami is a veritable melting pot of Latin cultures, which means there are tons of savory comidas to try before you depart. Whether slow-cooked, flash fried, stewed, or sautéed, standard food is packed with flavors.


Islas Canarias

Miami boasts lots of restaurants that are Cuban, but not all are created equal. Here are 3 contenders to fulfill your food cravings that are Cuban. Wherever you decide to dine, remember to top off your meal with an energizing shot of café Cubano.

La Rosa Bakery

Versailles on southwest calle ocho (eighth street) is among the most famous Cuban restaurants in Miami. This Miami landmark brings in dozens of individuals every day to feast on delights. Past the political chatter at the java take-out window you will be greeted with plantain chips amazing from the fryer’s smell. Try not to get overwhelmed from the extensive menu, simply stick with the classics: vaca frita (shredded beef grilled with onions), chicken fricasse, or their famous Cuban sandwich. The casual vibe makes Versailles excellent that is perfect for groups and families. Have not had enough? There are Versailles restaurants and bakery stands throughout the Miami International Airport.

Another popular among Miami’s Cuban community would be Islas Canarias; a family-owned restaurant for 30 years which prides itself on home. Islas Canarias offers a mix of conventional and gourmet dishes, of which the ropa vieja (shredded flank steak creole style with rice and sweet plantains) and oxtail in wine sauce are all highly recommended. The Little Havana location is the original and most popular, although islas Canarias has three restaurants around Miami-Dade County.

Top 3 Authentic Sandwiches in Miami

Cubans understand their finger foods. Scrumptious croquetas, flaky empanadas, and cakes for all occasions are merely some of the tantalizing items available at La Rosa Bakery at the corner of West Flagler Street and 42nd avenue.  After emigrating from Cuba, the household in 1968 founded la Rosa Bakery soon. Call forward to simmer to your best picnic, later smelling the newly baked bread if you can not include yourself, or catch a seat. No forks needed here an appetite and a plenty of napkins.

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There’s not any need to make the 90-mile trip into the island of Cuba for real Cuban food — Miami has got all of your cravings insured. All these restaurants in Miami don’t disappoint!