VIDEO: Wine Tasting in Herzegovina

If you are seeing Mostar and you’ve got some time, I recommend you head to go wine tasting. Sitting at the crossroads of Eastern and Western civilizations, contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina is producing some wines in this region.

VIDEO: Wine Tasting in Herzegovina

Herzegovina primarily create Blatina, the red and the snowy. Blatina can create dry red wine with 12 — 13.5% alcohol. It is ages at both stainless steel and oak barrels and has a ruby red color. Zilavka is a variety that is white and is chiefly found in Herzegovina, but after was implanted throughout Yugoslavia. Vilavka is known for its nutty tastes. In addition they have manufacturer anther red.

The winery we visited was AG Winery at Medjugorje. A family winery that is in its 3rd generation. They create over 50,000 bottles of wine every year. Throughout our visit we tried a many Zilavka’s and Blatina’s. For a couple of years in barrels and others were wines, some had been aging.

VIDEO: Wine Tasting in Herzegovina

We Go south to Trebinje, to Cellar and Vukoje Winery.

This winery is rated #1 in Bosnia and Herzegovina and among the wineries. They create largely Vranac and Zilavka.

It complete they create 22 distinct kinds of wines and utilize four distinct kinds of barrels (French, Portuguese, Slovenia and American). You ought to stop by the winery and have dinner on the floor in which you’ve got an incredible view of Trebinje.

That I recommend you head to have a taste of Herzegovina if you are in Mostar or even Dubrovnik!

Have you’ve got it, wine tasting at Herzegovina! Have you been to Herzegovina? Leave us a comment below!